Hello and welcome to The Recycled Pallet. Here, the goal is to provide an outlet for creativity; among other things. I have found, in myself, a wanting to create and inspire. My mind is often wandering about, searching for something new; rather something to build or create. It was within this mindset that the name The Recycled Pallet came about.

Wood pallets are being stripped apart. Their planks are sanded down to a smooth finish. They’re used to build something new and exciting. Or, some times, they are just given some strokes with a paintbrush, and made into a simple, yet effective, decorative piece.

That, as a metaphor, strikingly resembles the process that has gone on in my life. From youthful follies to mistakes made as an adult; my usefulness has not ran out. Please, stick around, read some ramblings, and feel free to join in on the conversations as I set out to recycle myself.