Questions About Love

What happens when love doesn’t mean what you think it should mean? When the people who say they love you don’t respect you,  nor do they try to protect you from the hurt of others. When the one you love is the one you can’t confide in.  When the one you love is the last one to understand you.  Why would you want to be loved if this is what you see from those who love you?  Why give out love knowing you won’t receive your idea of love in return?

When all your ideas of love have failed, does that mean that love itself has failed? When the word “love” makes you cringe, because it has become the cold steel blade of the knife you have felt in your back one too many times. Do you find something other than love to share with your “loved” ones, or do you simply just give up on love altogether?

When did the dreams and fairy tales turn into nightmares? Is this just part long term relationships? If so, why is this what most people try to get out of life? Does that mean that all these couple that have been “happily married” for years have been lying?  If they are telling the truth, how were they able to hold on to some silly emotion? Can you be “happily married” without love?

When you lose faith in love, do you lose faith in all other emotions as well? Is this why it is so easy to stay numb and disconnected? How can you be drowning while those who love you,  not only watch you struggle,  but throw more weight at you to carry? Do they not see? Do they not care? Either way…how can they say they love you, and not help save you? If this is love, why would anyone want any part of it?

Can you dig deeper in a relationship and find more than love to save it? Is there anything more than love?

My heart aches and my head hurts! I long for the days when I dreamt of love, and it was a beautiful image in my mind! Now love is something that I doubt ever existed to begin with.

How do you show love to those who still believe in it, when you don’t even know how to  feel it anymore?

Author: A. Jessep

2 thoughts on “Questions About Love

  1. This has been a recurring, for lack of a better word, issue in my own marriage. We’ve had our struggles, and it is on my list of topics to write about. My question for you is; have you heard about the Love Languages?

    My wife and I do love one another. However, that does not always come across when we think we’re showing it to each other.

    For example, my Love Language is physical contact. I need to be touched, and not just sexually. I need that extra scratch on my back. Simple gestures of physical affection go a very long way for me.

    And, that is difficult, mentally, for her to address. She deals with fibromyalgia, which often means that a simple touch can bring about legitimate pain for her.

    Its taken us 6 years of marriage, and 8 years of being together, to start to truly understand how to show our love for each other. I’m still trying to figure it all out with her, but the idea is to keep trying. My way is not her way, and visa versa.

    Honestly, it has taken a lot for each of us. It’s still taking a lot. Everyone just needs to know what language to speak.

  2. I have read about the love languages. We have know we are different, but the compromises cant always come from me….

    I have not been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but i have all the symptoms. I can’t stand to be touched, and he takes it personally. Then I feel bad for hurting. I completely understand how your wife feels.

    We’ve been together a total of 19 years. I’m sure we will get this figured out eventually.

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