The Best Feeling of All?

I’ve been going back and forth in my head for a couple of days, but I think I’ve come to the correct conclusion.

You know that moment when you’re picking your nose, and you feel the sweet satisfaction of trapping the booger under your nail? It’s awesome right? You’ve won the battle on that moment.

But then, as you begin the extraction, there is some resistance. Things just got more interesting.

You continue. It’s no longer a dried up booger. It developed into a lengthy and thick strand of mucus that slowly slides out from the far reaches of your nasal cavity.

You’ve just disconnected the head of your enemy, and you’re now pulling its spine out along with it. In the back of your mind, the Mortal Kombat theme plays loudly as you invision the headless, spineless corpse of your vanquished foe.

Yeah. That’s victory you’re feeling. It’s the best feeling; ever.

Author: P. Castle

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