The First of Many – I Hope

Hey! Hi! Who are you?

I am your host, Pendragon Castle. That, clearly, is a pseudonym, and it came about as innocently as any other might. From my teenage years on, I have had an itch to create the written word. I have even attempted to write a novel from time to time. One particular occasion, it dawned on me that, should I ever actually finish what I started, and was lucky enough to have it published, that I would like to keep as resemblance of anonymity.

My problem, though, is that I have a tendency to be more of a conceptual thinker. (*Warning: this is the part where I toot my own horn.*) Conceptually, I do come up with some grand stories. However, the concept is often enough to scratch my creative itch. Those thoughts that relentlessly nag at me are easily satisfied once the nail rakes over it through conceptualizing the idea.

It’s a terrible way to go about things. It has caused a lot of animosity within myself, and it has to be even worse for my wife. I rarely finish anything that I set in motion. Fortunately, it’s usually something that is of little consequence.

I’m somewhat curious as to what that says about me as a person. Is it laziness that stops me from finishing a project? Is it finality that prevents me seeing something through? Or, is it simpler than that? I do not have an answer, but I am looking forward to the day that I do.

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